Local Accommodation in West Virginia is very limited, so in order to ensure that everyone can be housed, please book through the World Cup organization by emailing Steph at

Accommodation includes: Camping at the Cheat River Campground, or Teters Campground, immediately adjacent to the Cheat River Festival grounds. We do not recommend this option for Friday May 1st or Saturday may 2nd, as these campgrounds are extremely crowded and very loud during the Cheat festival. Rather, we recommend camping at Cooper’s Rock State Forest

Weather in May

Cabin rentals of various sizes are available locally, including on the grounds of the Alpine Lake Resort, 15 minutes drives from all venues, with flatwater training site within walking distance. Preferential rates have been negotiated and very depending on the size of the property and the number of athletes and support staff staying. Typically these rates can vary from $15-70/head/night. Please note: Alpine Lake Resort is a gated community with strict speeding and noise enforcement.

Hotel accommodation, including meals, is available either at Alpine Lake Resort, or in Hazelton. Preferential rates have been negotiated and range from $65-90/night.

A small number of local homestays with local paddlers may be possible for individual competitors or small teams.

Please book housing ONLY through a Team Leader, as it is essential that we book housing in the most efficient way in order to fit everyone in.

Team should plan to provide their own nutrition and meals, and local supermarkets in Terra Alta and Kingwood are available for purchase of food.